Hirvonen Onni, Yliopistonlehtori/Senior Lecturer

Filosofia / Philosophy
Opinkivi K16

Onni HirvonenEducation: PhD in Philosophy, Macquarie University, Sydney (2014), MSSc in Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä (2008)

Research interests: Political Philosophy, Critical Theory, Recognition, Social Ontology

Publications in TUTKA

Papers and talks available at academia.edu

Current research:

I have a broad interest in the Hegelian recognition theory, social ontology, theories of personhood, and critical social philosophy. My current research analyzes how our personal identities are entwined with the institutional world and how, in turn, institutions are dependent on our attitudes towards them. These interconnections are explained through the Hegelian concept of mutual recognition. The main hypothesis is that the recognition-theoretical paradigm can be used to offer new insights for the analysis of the constitution and dynamics of the social world. My general aim is to fill the theoretical gaps in recognition theory that are connected to explaining the institutional world and to develop conceptual tools for creation of ethical institutions. This helps with the practical understanding of institutional problems like alienation from political decision-making and the legitimization crises of institutions such as the EU and the UN. I am also the principal investigator of the Philosophy and Politics of Recognition research group that develops the general recognition-theory and aims to apply it to socially relevant practical and theoretical contexts.