Kuoppamäki Sanna, Tutkijatohtori/Postdoctoral Researcher

Kuoppamäki Sanna, Tutkijatohtori/Postdoctoral Researcher
Yhteiskuntapolitiikka/Social and public policy

Research areas

  • Digital consumption
  • Technology adoption and use
  • Ageing and life course theory
  • Survey research
  • Quantitative & qualitative research

About my research

With the ageing of the population and the rapid growth of digital technologies the needs and preferences of older adults as digital consumers have garnered increasing interest worldwide. Frequent use of digital technologies among older adults has been shown to be connected to wellbeing, wider social networks, and independent lifestyle, and thus is expected to improve the lives of older adults in many ways. Simultaneously many studies indicate that older adults experience more barriers related to technological environments, from usability preferences and difficulties learning the required skills to perceived values and risks.

In my dissertation I investigate the role of age and life course stage in digital consumption by focusing on older adults’ usage of digital technologies in the framework of consumption and consumer society. I apply theories of technology adoption and use, life course and generations to examine first, older adults as consumers of digital technologies, second, the interrelationship between consumption and digital technologies and third, the effects of age and life course stage on digital consumption. I utilise both quantitative and qualitative data from five (5) data sets. 

Relevance and benefits of my research

My research is relevant for researchers and practitioners interested in digital technologies, ageing population and digitalisation of everyday life. My research provides conceptual tools for academics, marketers, designers and anyone interested in digital consumer behaviour to specify the relationship between digital technologies, ageing and the life course. Results are applicable in market research, user experience research and design and for companies and organisations requiring human insights on digital technologies and service design. The results can be utilised, for instance, in creating more valuable and desirable user experiences for digital consumers of all ages.

Recent publications

ORCID iD: orcid.org/0000-0001-7985-4057 


  • SOSA411 Kulutuksen ja elämäntavan sosiologia I
  • SOSS404 Kulutuksen ja elämäntavan sosiologia II
  • DIGS5001 Digitalisaatio, arkielämä ja elämänkaari
  • YFIP1001 Maailman tila. Johdatusta yhteiskunnallisten ilmiöiden tarkasteluun (guest lecturer)

Past projects

DIGI 50+ Mature consumers, customer experience and value creation in digital and physical environments (TEKES, 2015–2017), Project coordinator

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