Kuronen Marjo, Professori/Professor

Kuronen Marjo, Professori/Professor
Sosiaalityö/Social work
Opinkivi 208.1.


I was nominated as a full professor of social work at the University of Jyväskylä in the Autumn 2014. Before that I have worked as a senior lecturer in social work, senior researcher, and acting professor since 2013.

Previously, I have studied and worked at the University of Tampere (Finland), and the University of Stirling (Scotland, UK) where I got my PhD in 1999.  I’m also adjunct professor (docent) at the University of Tampere, and member of the research team ”Trabajo, familia y género” (Work, family and gender) at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain.

Orcid ID http://orcid.org/0000-0002-7665-2158

Research Areas

My research interests combine family research, feminist research and social work research. I have studied e.g. the relationships between women, family and the welfare state, motherhood and gender division in parenting, and local welfare policies. I am also interested in feminist social work and the use of feminist theories and methodology in social work research. Methodologically, I’m focused on ethnographic methods and qualitative comparative research. In recent years, I have been involved in two EC 7th framework funded research projects studying families and social care issues from a European comparative perspective (FAMILYPLATFORM 2009-11, FLOWS 2011-14).

In the current research project (Vulnerability project 2016-20) we will analyse transforming Finnish welfare service system from the standpoint of women in vulnerable life situations. The relationship between these women and the welfare system is shaped by service needs related to substance abuse, poverty, single motherhood and prison sentence. Our theoretical and methodological framework is based on Dorothy Smith’s institutional ethnography, which is focusing on how experiences and actualities of women’s everyday world are connected with social relations, structures and institutions. The aim is to produce new knowledge of how women’s life situations and the need for services are recognised in the transforming structures and practices of the service system. Findings can be used to develop welfare services. Scientifically, we are developing new ways to use institutional ethnography, participatory research methods, and new theoretical approaches in studying vulnerable life situations.

Current Research Project:

Transforming welfare service system from the standpoint of women in vulnerable life situations (Vulnerability -project), Academy of Finland 2016-20

Why and to whom my research is important

 Research concerning welfare service systems and policies is important to improve them. It is meaningful for the policy making, but primarily, I want my research to be influential in the daily lives of service users, especially women as there is always gender aspect involved in my research.

Recent Publications

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Kirsi-Maria Hytönen, Antti Malinen, Paula Salenius, Janne Haikari, Pirjo Markkola, Marjo Kuronen ja Johanna Koivisto (2016)
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Kutsar, Dagmar & Kuronen, Marjo (eds.) (2015) Local Welfare Policy Making in European Cities. Social Indicators Research Series 59. Springer. Available electronically at www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319161624

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Kuronen, Marjo , Kröger, Teppo, Antón Alonso, Fernando, Cucca,Roberta,  Escobedo, Anna, Jensen, Per H. & Sabatinelli, Stefania (2015) The Relationships Between Local and National Childcare Policies – A Comparison of Nordic and Southern European Cities. In Dagmar Kutsar & Marjo Kuronen (eds.) Local Welfare Policy Making in European Cities. Social Indicators Research Series 59. Springer, pp. 119-134.

Isomäki, Hannakaisa & Kuronen, Marjo (2013). Combating social exclusion of young people with ICT applications. In L. Brooks, D. Wainwright, & D. Wastell (Eds.), SOCIAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the UK Academy of Information Systems, Oxford 2013.

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Kuronen, M., & Lahtinen, P. (2010). Supporting families: the role of family work in child welfare. In H. Forsberg, & T. Kröger (Eds.), Social Work and Child Welfare Politics. Through Nordic lences (pp. 65-81). Bristol: Policy Press.

Teaching (list of courses, in Finnish)

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