Lahti Annukka, Tohtorikoulutettava/Doctoral Student

Lahti Annukka, Tohtorikoulutettava/Doctoral Student
Sukupuolentutkimus/Gender studies
Opinkivi 344

My doctoral study explores how bisexuality, which is persistently culturally associated with temporariness, multiple partners and promiscuity, fits, fights and expands the normative cultural understanding of a relationship. In particular, my I examine how a sample of Finnish bisexual women and their (ex-)partners of various genders negotiate bisexuality in their relationships as psychosocial subjects.The dissertation explores  how intersecting cultural constructions of relationships, genders and (bi)sexualities shape those negotiations. The interview data is analyzed by utilizing psychoanalytically informed psychosocial methodology. The analysis shows that negotiations around bisexuality and relationships are not only made through discursive regulation, but are also shaped in interaction with affective, non-rational psychic dimensions of being in a relationship.

The study produces novel knowledge on the affective shaping of inequalities both between and within relationships, as well as on the ways in which those inequalities must be renegotiated during interviews.

My dissertation work was funded by Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy (2013) and the national Graduate School for Family Studies (2014-2015), Finnish Concordia Foundation and Finnish Cultural Foundation. My study is also a part of the Academy of Finland funded research project (project 287983) 'Just the Two of Us? Affective inequalities in intimate relationships': http://affective-inequalities.fi/en/researchers/

ORCHID ID: 0000-0002-2613-933X

The relevance and benefits of my research

I examine how bisexuality fits in the normative cultural understanding of a relationship. Because of the strength of the homo/hetero and man/woman binaries, it might be difficult to gain ‘a sense of being’ in an identity position or relationship as a bisexual person. The study helps to tackle bisexuality related inequalities in intimate relationships.

Research interests

bisexuality, intimate relationships, same-sex marriage, non-normative relational arrangements, affect, queer studies, psychosocial studies

Post doc -project

My post doc research project focuses on an under researched topic – the relationship break-ups of sexual and gender minorities. I analyse both survey and interview data of LGBTIQ persons who have experienced recent relationship-break up. I explore the causes and separation experiences of LGBTIQ persons.  How do the continuously changing social positions of LGBTIQ persons and their relationships, entangle with the affective processes of break-ups? 

My research project on LGBTIQ break-ups is funded by Alli Paasikivi foundation. Please visit project website here (in Finnish).

Recent publications

Lahti, Annukka (forthcoming 2018). Listening to Old Tapes: Affective Intensities and Gendered Power in Bisexual Women’s and Ex-Partners’ Relationship Assemblages. In Tuula Juvonen & Marjo Kolehmainen (eds.) Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships. Abingdon, Oxon, New York, NY: Routledge

Lahti, A. (2018). Bisexual desires for more than one gender as a challenge to normative relationship ideals. Psychology and Sexuality, 9 (2), 132-147. 

Lahti, Annukka (2018). Too much? Excessive sexual experiences in bisexual women’s life stories. Subjectivity 11 (1), 21-39. 

Sihto, Tiina, Lahti, Annukka, Elmgren, Heidi & Jurva, Raisa (2018) Naisvalitus ja parisuhteen epätasa-arvot. Teoksessa: Eerola, Petteri & Pirskanen, Henna (toim.) Perhe ja tunteet. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.

Hayfield, N., & Lahti, A. (2017). Reflecting on bisexual identities and relationships: Nikki Hayfield in conversation with Annukka Lahti. Psychology of Sexualities Review, 8 (2), 68-75. Open access: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/33449/

Lahti, Annukka (2015). Similar and equal relationships? Negotiating bisexuality in an enduring relationship. Feminism & Psychology 25 (4), 431–448. DOI: 10.1177/0959353515574786

Lahti, Annukka (2007). ”Ihan samanlaisia ku muutki ihmiset” – bi-naisten ja kumppanien parisuhteen tuottamisen strategiat. SQS-Journal 2007(1), 35–51.


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