Testing EU citizenship as labour citizenship

Professor Lillie was involved as a scientific advisor in the project "Testing EU Citizenship as Labour Citizenship". The project was coordinated by the Multicultural Centre Prague and brought together 12 partner organisations. It involving collecting EU and non-EU migrant workers’ testimonies about serious labour rights violations in a number of EU countries. The testimonies were the basis for launching a discussion of the role of EU and national institutions and laws in improving the working conditions in Europe and ensuring labour rights are respected. Individual Country Reports described key labour rights violations that they examined in specific sectors, the mechanisms of exploitation, and policy recommendations on the local and EU level. Workshops were held in various EU countries, and there was a final conference in Brussels attended by various national and EU policy actors, academics, and NGOs. The project was funded by the European Commission's "Europe for the Citizens". See the attached Labcit MKC info template for a description of the project. Follow this link to get more information about the project results http://migrationonline.cz/en/about-us/current-projects/testing-eu-citizenship-as-labour-citizenship-from-cases-of-labour-rights-violations-to-a-strengthened-labour-rights-regime.