Transnational Cooperation among Labour Regulation Enforcement Agencies in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities Related to the Posting of Workers

The PROMO project is based around a series of policy workshops/conferences from 2017 and 2018. The project aims to make recommendations to improve: • national labour protection systems for posted workers; • institutions, practices and channels for promoting industrial democracy for posted workers; • the collection of data relevant to making informed posted worker policy decisions. Our method is to take existing research knowledge and improve on it through policy workshop discussions with experts and stakeholders. The first PROMO briefing paper (Kall and Lillie 2017), based on an extensive literature review, established that the monitoring and enforcement of the rights of posted workers is problematic in many respects. This is mostly relating to the fact that posted workers’ employment regulation falls under multiple jurisdictions, while enforcement of workers’ rights tends to assume a single national jurisdiction. This second PROMO report aims to improve national labour protection systems by identifying issues, through research, and proposing solutions to enhance administrative cooperation and information sharing between labour regulation enforcement agencies. The aim is to build a well-functioning system of labour protection within the European framework of free movement.