Lindroos Kia, Yliopistonlehtori/University Lecturer

Lindroos Kia, Yliopistonlehtori/University Lecturer
Valtio-oppi/Political science
Opinkivi 201

Areas of Interest

My research is a continuation of my long-standing interests in political theory; politics, time, cultural studies and aesthetics, and I am especially interested in cinema and visual arts. I emphasise issues of temporality through the connections between contingency and change. My more specific interests are temporality and visual representations of terror and violence. My current work is based on my research on political theory and philosophy; I am especially interested in Walter Benjamin and modern French philosophy, such as Michel Foucault or Jacques Ranciere.

Research Areas

My current project explores the practice of witnessing politics through the arts (widely understood), thus expanding the range, and probing the borders, of political science. The main idea is to problematize the concept of art in connection with political witnessing, or elaborate the political-ness of artistic witnessing, and explore the concept of artistic witnessing as political. Events witnessed – or constructed in the process of artistically dealing with them – may be fragments from the past, different images of history, or connected to the contemporary political world. This may include reflections on the continuation of the past in the present, questions of what art is conserved and exhibited in museums and engaging with the complexities of temporality and temporalization of politics.

The Relevance and Benefits of my Research

The impact factor of my research profile is threefold. Firstly, the academic impact is to explore interdisciplinary field of political research, political theory, philosophy and arts and create and support research in this interdisciplinary zone. In this area, I have supervised and I am supervising several doctoral dissertations and masters thesis and been part of international networks and teaching since 1990’s. I was also vice-president on research team Politics and the Arts as part of Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change (2006-11). I am also working as referee for several international publishers in this area and have been part of editorial boards.

International co-operation: Since 2002, I am the convenor of the international group that combines political scientists and art researchers as part of European networkhttps://www.jyu.fi/ytk/laitokset/yfi/en/research/projects/research-groups/polarts. This network includes conferencing and publishing activities. Since 2016, I am also contributing to New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe (NORFACE) network and recently, The EU-India Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP). This is a project funded by the European Commission, bringing together research funding and research support organisations in Europe and India in order to develop a stronger strategic partnership in the social sciences and humanities.

The societal impact of my academic work is e.g. contributing to science policy for instance in Finnish Political Science Association as board member (2004-14) chair (2007-10) and editor in chief of Politiikka (2005-06; editorial board 2015-); I was Scandinavian representative in IPSA Executive committee (International Political Science Association) (2009-13); For the 2015-2016 period I am Member of the Equality Committee, appointed by the Rector of the University of Jyväskylä. Also, in 2013-2014, I was in IPSA Gender monitoring team that examined the women’s political participation. The aim of the team was to raise awareness of issues of gender equality.


By the Finnish Government, I was appointed for Member of the Finnish Academy Research Council for Culture and Social Sciences (2016-18) http://www.aka.fi/en/research-and-science-policy/ Currently, I am active in several boards of Finnish Academy ongoing programmes such as Digital Humanities (DIGIHUM 2016-19) and Sustainable Governance of Aquatic Resources (AKVA) 2012-16). I am part of the Steering group of the upcoming Academy programme BioFuture2015.

Recent Publications

Julkaisut TUTKAssa - Publications in TUTKA

Tietoja: 2016-2018 Member of the Research Council for Culture and Society, Finnish Academy of Sciences http://www.aka.fi/en/about-us/our-research-councils/ Research network: https://www.jyu.fi/ytk/laitokset/yfi/en/research/projects/research-groups/polarts