Lonkila Markku, Professori/Professor

Opinkivi 307.1.


Professor Markku Lonkila has worked in and led several research projects financed by the Academy of Finland. He has also worked as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow and as a Research Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. Prior to his appointment to Professor of Sociology at the University of Jyväskylä in 2013, he worked one year as a Professor of Sociology at the University of Tampere. Lonkila is currently participating in the Finnish Academy Center of Excellence in Russian studies. (2012–2017).

Areas of Interest

Social movements, activism, social media, social network research, comparative studies, Russian studies

Research Areas

Social media; social movements; social networks; the role of social media in civic and political activism; Russian society and politics; Russian-language section of the Internet and social media

The relevance and benefits of my research

Social movements and activism are among main catalyzers for the development of societies. New technology and social media applications offer tools and forums for movements and activism and support completely new forms of social and political participation. At the same time they also make possible unforeseen control and monitoring of citizens. My studies are important for those interested in participation, activism, and critical social research.

Selected Publications 

- Lonkila, M., Shpakovskaya, L., & Torchinsky, P. (forthcoming). 'The Occupation of Runet? The Tightening State Regulation of the Russian-Language Section of the Internet'. In Marielle Wijermars and Katja Lehtisaari (eds) Freedom of Expression in Russia’s New Mediasphere. Routledge.

- Ylä-Anttila, T., Vesa, J., Eranti, V., Kukkonen, A., Lehtimäki, T., Lonkila M. & Luhtakallio, E. (2018). 'Up with ecology, down with economy? The consolidation of the idea of climate change mitigation in the global public sphere'. European Journal of Communication. July 30. https://doi.org/10.1177/0267323118790155

- Lonkila, M., Shpakovskaya, L., & Torchinsky, P., 2017. 'Venäjän internetin poliittisen sääntelyn kiristäminen'. Idäntutkimus 4/2017

- Lonkila, M., 2017. 'Social Network Sites and Political Governance in Russia'. In Vladimir Gelman (ed.) Authoritarian Modernization in Russia: Ideas, Institutions, and Policies. Routledge, 113-127.

- Eranti, V., & Lonkila, M. (2015) 'The social significance of the Facebook Like button'. First Monday, 20 (6), available at: http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/5505

- Gladarev, B., & Lonkila, M. (2013) 'Justifying civic activism in Russia and Finland'. Journal of Civil Society, 9 (4), 375-390.

- Gladarev, B., & Lonkila, M. (2012) 'The role of social network sites in civic activism in Russia and Finland'. Europe-Asia Studies, 64 (8), 1375-1394.

- Lonkila, M. (2012) 'Russian protest on- and offline. The role of social media in the Moscow opposition demonstrations in December 2011'. FIIA briefing paper 98, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, February 2012, available at: http://www.fiia.fi/en/publication/244/

- Lonkila, M. (2011) Networks in the Russian Market Economy. Palgrave.

Teaching (list of courses)

- Introduction to sociology (in Finnish)

- Social media, social movements and activism (in Finnish)