Moisio Olli-Pekka, Yliopistonlehtori / University Lecturer

Moisio Olli-Pekka, Yliopistonlehtori / University Lecturer
Filosofia / Philosophy
Opinkivi 335

Areas of Interest

My main field of interest is twentieth century European philosophy, especially Marxism and its development in Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Ernst Bloch, Freudian Marxism, Critical Pedagogy and Radical Theology. My systematic interests lie in philosophy of education, moral philosophy, philosophy of religion and the philosophy of history. I also do research in the 18th and 19th century background to contemporary European thought: German Idealism and Jewish Thought.

Research Areas

My current research continues in the tradition of Frankfurt School Critical Theory. More specifically, I am interested on the question what motivates the formation of critical thought (in general and in the form on critical theory in particular) and how we can promote such a general motivation as a pedagogical practice. I have been also working on the question of do we share the same world with others. This question is the main focus in the project I am carrying out in connection with the Academy of Finland The Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition which aims to discover historical patterns and elaborate systematic models of rational recognition and mutual tolerance in religious world-views.

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