Myllymaa Lauri, Tohtorikoulutettava/Doctoral Student

Opinkivi 212.2

Areas of Interest

19th century French philosophy (spiritualism, positivism, sensualism; philosophies of Henri Bergson, Maine de Biran, Félix Ravaisson), British empiricism, pragmatism (William James, F. C. S. Schiller), certain key philosophers being associated with the former (G. W. Leibniz, Samuel Alexander, Alfred N. Whitehead), philosophy of science, history of science (especially psychological, biological and sociological sciences) 

Research Areas

Metaphysical theories in modern empiricist traditions, philosophical history of modern French thought

Dissertation (in Preparation)

Two Sources of Human Experience: Metaphysical Empiricism in the Philosophies of Maine de Biran, Félix Ravaisson and Henri Bergson