Oinas Simo, Tohtorikoulutettava/Doctoral Student

Oinas Simo, Tohtorikoulutettava/Doctoral Student
Opinkivi K05.2



I wrote my Master's thesis, titled "Perceptual Contents: A Study on the Nature of the Contents of Perceptual Experience", in 2013. My dissertation is preliminarily titled "Associative Account of Perceptual Concepts".

My research concerns perception as an interface between the world and the mind and, in particular, as an interface between the conceptual and the nonconceptual. The focus of my work is on the nature of perceptual concepts which, according to conceptualist views, are the constituents of the representational contents of perceptual experiences. The nature of perceptual concepts and conceptuality is a significant issue not only for philosophy of perception but also for epistemology, philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. By examining the use and acquisition of perceptual concepts in perception, I argue for an associative account of perceptual concepts. My claim is that association as a basis for perceptual concepts provides new perspectives on the question of conceptuality of perceptual contents and on how perceptual receptivity and cognition are intertwined in perceptual experience.

Areas of Interest:
Analytic philosophy of perception; epistemology of perception; perceptual psychology; cognitive science; neuroscience.

Research Areas:
Philosophy of perception, philosophy of mind & epistemology of perception.

Recent Publications:

Havainto, ympäristö ja käsitteellisen ja ei-käsitteellisen rajapinnat havainnossa’ (‘Perception, Background, and the Boundaries of Conceptual and Nonconceptual in Perception’). in Laiho & Tuominen (eds.), Havainto: Suomen Filosofisen Yhdistyksen yhden sanan kollokvion esitelmiä (p. 151-160). Reports from the Department of Philosophy, 40. Turku: University of Turku. 2018.

Perceptual Contents: A Study on the Nature of the Contents of Perceptual Experience. University of Jyväskylä, 2013. [Link]