Pirkkalainen Päivi, Tutkijatohtori/Post-Doctoral Researcher

Pirkkalainen Päivi, Tutkijatohtori/Post-Doctoral Researcher

I defended my PhD thesis titled “Transnational Responsibilities and Multi-sited Strategies. Voluntary Associations of Somali Diaspora in Finland” in 2013 and received a Doctorate in Sociology. During my PhD process I have gathered research experience – both as a researcher and work package coordinator – in University of Jyväskylä coordinated projects: “Diasporas for Peace: Patterns, Trends and Potential of Long-distance Diaspora Involvement in Conflict Settings. Case studies from the Horn of Africa”, financed by the European Commission 7thframework programme (2008-2010) and “Security, Governance and Identities in Flux. The Role of Diaspora in Development in the Horn of Africa”, financed by the Academy of Finland (2008-2011). Currently I work as post-doc researcher at the Master's Degree Programme in Civil Society holding teaching and coordination responsibilities. I am a project leader for the University of Jyväskylä’s part in a collaborative project titled “Connecting universities and communities in Central Finland”, funded by the European Social Fund.

My research interests include topics of  diaspora and transnationalism, migrant associations, political participation of migrant youth, migration-development nexus and global civil society.


- Courses in the Master's Degree Progamme in Civil Society, including the Concept of Civil Society, Civic Activism and Globalization: Perspectives from development, culture and civil society

- Master's seminar 1&2 in the Master's Degree Progamme in Civil Society.


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