Puupponen Antti, Yliopistotutkija/Senior Researcher

Yhteiskuntapolitiikka / Social and public policy
Opinkivi 212.1


Antti Puupponen received his Ph.D. in Social and Public Policy from the University of Jyväskylä, in 2009. In his research, Puupponen specializes in food policy, rural studies and sustainable development. Currently he is working in the research project called Future Food Security in Finland funded by the Kone Foundation. He has also studied local food production (dissertation), climate change adaptation of food supply chains and rural entrepreneurship. Puupponen has lectured on issues of sustainable development, food policy, sustainable entrepreneurship and inequality challenges for public policy.

The relevance and benefits of my research

The aim of food system and policy research is to help decision makers understand how environmental, social and political changes have an impact on the food system and, hence, also on the food security, health, and well-being of citizens. Thus, awareness of these changes enables developing mechanisms and incentives for creating stability and predictability to society. Moreover, food policy studies may find new resource-wise and sustainable ways of producing and consuming food. Hence, based on this research, even new approaches for food production, innovative food products and new business models could be developed in the future.