Romashko Tatiana, Grant Researcher

PhD Student in Cultural Policy
Romashko Tatiana, Grant Researcher
Kulttuuripolitiikka/Cultural Policy
Opinkivi 316.1
Specialist/MA (Communicational management), Professional degree in Pedagogy and High School Education, BA (Physical Education Pedagogy) 
Research interests  
  • Cultural policy
  • British Cultural Studies
  • Post-structural discourse theory
  • Communication theory
Research projects
  •  PhD research ‘The Genealogy of Contemporary Russian Cultural Policy: from Liberal Decentralization towards Conservative Cultural Hegemony’ (Doctoral programme of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä). 
  • Personal research project “Finnish-Russian Cross-Border Neighbourship: Political Perspectives and Cultural Resilience” (funding by Kone Foundation, April 2018 – April 2019).
 Past Projects  
  • Traditional religions and religious identity in post-secular society: Orthodox parish. Principal investigator: Dr./Docent  Ekaterina Grishaeva (Russian State Humanitarian Foundation, 2016-2018, № 16-03-00387, type ‘a’).
  • Discourses and practices of Scotland (UK) cultural policy (personal research project without funding; Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 2-30.09.2015). 
  • The sociocultural capital of the population as an outcome of cultural policy (personal research project; Committee of Science and the Higher School of St. Petersburg, May-October, 2015). 
  • The model of the communicative terrain of the modern University: socio-economic and cultural-anthropological factors. Principal investigator: Dr./Docent. Kira Preobrazenskaya (Russian State Humanitarian Foundation, 2014-2016, № 14-06-00853, type ‘a’).
  •  Theory and practice of University communications: the development of educational institutions. Principal investigator: Dr./Docent. Kira Preobrazenskaya (Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, 2012-2013, № 18/13 – GZP). 
  • Strategical development of communication policy at the University (personal research project; travel grant project 3.1.1.; Herzen University, St. Petersburg, Russia, Queen Margaret University, Scotland, UK 17.05 – 1.06.2013). 
  • Strategy, IMC and communication policy at Herzen University (personal research project; grant project 3.1.1., Herzen University, St. Petersburg, May-October 2013). 
  • Strategy and communication management: institutes of higher education (personal research project; Committee of Science and the Higher School of St. Petersburg, May-October, 2013).
The Relevance and Benefits of my Research

My research addresses the current cultural policy issues in Russian and EU countries. Using methods associated with post-structural discourse theory, I explore the conditions of political imaginary under which governmental regimes of practices are maintained and transformed. I conceptualize the ‘cultural governance’ and the ‘government of culture’ as two different kinds of ‘dispositif’ of power relations. Each one of them enables to enframe the particular mode of cultural policy. The results of my study have methodological and practical implications. It contributes to the development of the hegemony approach in cultural policy studies. Practically, the outcome of the research might be seen as the rise of awareness about the numerous questions on cultural diversity, cultural and fiscal decentralization, and the sharp questions about the role of the State and the population in cultural policy-making – political decentralization or autonomy. 

  • Award of the Committee on science and higher school of St. Petersburg in the field of scientific and pedagogical activity 2016
  • Award of the Committee on science and higher school of St. Petersburg in the field of scientific and pedagogical activity 2014
  • Award of the Committee on science and higher school of St. Petersburg in the field of scientific and pedagogical activity 2013 
Recent Publications

Romashko, T. (2018): ‘Biopolitics and Hegemony in Contemporary Russian Cultural Policy’.  Russian Politics 3, p. 88-113. DOI 10.1163/2451-8921-00301005

Romashko, T. (2018): ‘Russian Cultural Policy: from European Mode of Governance towards Conservative Hegemony.’ In Thomas Hoffmann and Andrey Makarychev Eds., The EU and Russia: Spaces of Interaction in Times of Crisis. London: Routledge, p. 27-51.

Grishaeva, E., & Romashko, T. (2017). 'Christian Roots of Russian Culture: Conservative Articulation of National Identity after 2011'. In Религия и История: материалы V Международной научно-практической конференции (Religion and History: 5th international conference proceedings), Minsk: Publishing house BSU, p. 227-232.

Romashko T.V. (2017) “Патриотизм и религиозная идентичность в тисках политической игры: дискурсивное измерение” (Religious and patriots identity in the grip of political game: a critical discourse analysis), Военная история: люди, факты, даты. Материалы конференций СПб ГБУ ДМ "ФОРПОСТ" (Military history: people, facts, dates. Conference proceedings). СПб, p. 269-272. ISBN 978-5-9906792-1-4

Romashko T.V. (2016): “Концептуализация социокультурного капитала населения в дискурсах неолиберальной культурной политики” (Conceptualization of sociocultural capital of the population in the discourses of neoliberal cultural policy). Коммуникология (Communicology), Vol.4, No. 3, p. 61-75. Available at: http://www.communicology.us/2016/07/Communicology-t4-n3-2016-soderzhanie.html

Romashko T.V. (2016): “Зарождение исследований культурной политики в Великобритании” (The emergence of cultural policy studies in the UK). Вопросы Культурологии (Cultural studies), No. 5, p. 67-72. Available at:  https://elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=26275247

Romashko T.V. (2015): “Основные понятия европейских концепций культурной политики.” (The Basic Concept of European Cultural Policies). Известия РГПУ им. А.И. Герцена (Izvestia: Herzen University journal of humanities & sciences), Vol. 187, p. 34-39. Available at: https://cyberleninka.ru/article/n/osnovnye-ponyatiya-evropeyskih-kontseptsiy-kulturnoy-politiki

Romashko T.V., Beliakova N.J. (2015): “Роль информационно-коммуникационной среды в становлении современного образовательного пространства” (The role of informational and communication space in forming modern educational system). Вестник Ленинградского государственного университета имени А.С. Пушкина. Научный журнал (Journal of Leningrad Pushkin University), Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 211-226. Available at: https://elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=22796582

Romashko T.V. (2014): “Концептуализация коммуникационной деятельности отечественного вуза” (Conceptualization of communication activity of the University). UNIVERSUM: Bulletin of Gertsenovsky University, No 1, p. 30-42. Available at: https://lib.herzen.spb.ru/m/rgpu-periodic/2/12