Silvasti Tiina, Professori / Professor

Silvasti Tiina, Professori / Professor
Yhteiskuntapolitiikka / Social and public policy
Opinkivi 215.1.


Tiina Silvasti was born in Vihti, Finland, on August 14th, 1967. She graduated from Vihti high school in 1986, gained Master’s degree in social policy in 1996 and doctor’s degree in 2001 at the University of Helsinki. She is now a Professor of Social and Public Policy at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Her recent research interests focus on food system studies, especially the First World hunger, food (in)security and the rise of charitable food aid as an answer to food poverty.

 Areas of Interest and Research Areas

-Food system studies, sustainable food systems

-Right to food, First World hunger and food (in)security

-Studies on equality

-Qualitative methods

 The Relevance and Benefits of my Research

I am a leader of Food system studies research group, which produces scientifically justifiable knowledge for decision makers to understand how environmental, social and political changes impact on the food system and, hence, for the food security, health, and well-being of citizens. The goal is to foresee and develop interventions that tackle the underlying causes rather than mere symptoms of vulnerabilities, and to enable decision makers to cope with increasing eco-social challenges predicted to occur in the prevailing food system in the near future. Personally, I am interested in food poverty and human right to food. For further information see: http://www.jyu.fi/hytk/fi/laitokset/yfi/en/research/projects/research-groups/foodsystem

 Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Mikelis Grivins, Talis Tisenkopfs, Ville Tikka and Tiina Silvasti (forthcoming in December 2018) Manoeuvring between regulations to achieve locally accepted results: analysis of school meals in Latvia and Finland. Food Security.

Ari Paloviita, Teea Kortetmäki, Antti Puupponen and Tiina Silvasti (2017) Insights into food system exposure, coping capacity and adaptive capacity. British Food Journal, 119 (12), 2851-2862. doi:10.1108/BFJ-02-2017-0057

Teea Kortetmäki and Silvasti, Tiina (2017) Charitable Food Aid in a Nordic Welfare State: A Case for Environmental and Social Injustice in Aila-Leena Matthies & Kati Närhi (ed.) Ecosocial transition in society. Contribution of social work and social policy. Routledge.

Ari Paloviita, Teea Kortetmäki, Antti Puupponen and Silvasti, Tiina (2016) Vulnerability matrix of the food system: operationalizing vulnerability and addressing food security. Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 135, 1 November 2016, Pages 1242–1255. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.07.018

Antti Puupponen, Ari Paloviita, Teea Kortetmäki & Tiina Silvasti (2016) Suomalaisen ruokaturvan ulottuvuudet. Sisällönanalyysi ruokaturvasta julkisissa asiakirjoissa. Alue ja Ympäristö 45(1), 39-54.

Tiina Silvasti (2015) Food Aid – Normalising the Abnormal in Finland. Social Policy and Society, available on CJO2015. doi:10.1017/S1474746415000123.

Ari Paloviita, Antti Puupponen, Teea Kortetmäki and Tiina Silvasti (2015) Measuring Vulnerability in the Food System. Food Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp.59-70. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: July 9, 2015 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 443.106KB)).

Edited books

Hannah Lambie-Mumford and Tiina Silvasti (ed.)(forthcomin 2019) The rise of food charity across Europe. Bristol, Policy Press.

Donatella della Porta,  Sakari Hänninen, Martti Siisiäinen and Tiina Silvasti (ed.)(2015) The New Social Division. Making and Unmaking Precariousness. Basingstoke: PalgraveMacMillan.

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Graham Riches and Tiina Silvasti (ed.) (2014) First World Hunger Revisited. Food Charity or Right to Food? PalgraveMacMillan.

Book chapters

Anna Sofia Salonen and Tiina Silvasti (forthcoming 2019) Faith-based organizations as actors in the charity economy: A case study of food assistance in Finland. In Helmut Gaisbauer, Gottfried Schweiger and Clemens Sedmak (ed.) Absolute poverty in Europe. Interdisciplinary perspectives on a hidden phenomenon. Bristol, Policy Press.

Kortetmäki, Teea & Silvasti, Tiina (2018) Food Assistance. In Thompson, Paul B. & Kaplan, David M. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics. DOI10.1007/978-94-007-6167-4_613-1

Brunori, Gianluca & Silvasti, Tiina (2015) Food Security during Climate Change: the Challenge of European Diversity. In Paloviita, Ari & Järvelä, Marja (eds.) Climate Change Adaptation and Food Supply Chain Management. Routledge, August 2015.

Silvasti, Tiina & Riches, Graham (2014) What Hope for the Right to Food? In Riches, Graham & Silvasti, Tiina (ed.) First World Hunger Revisited. Food Charity or Right to Food? Basingstoke: PalgraveMacMillan.

Riches Graham & Silvasti, Tiina (2014) Hunger in the Rich World: Food Aid and Right to Food Perspectives. In Riches, Graham & Silvasti, Tiina (ed.) First World Hunger Revisited. Food Charity or Right to Food? Basingstoke: PalgraveMacMillan.

Silvasti, Tiina & Karjalainen, Jouko (2014) Hunger in a Nordic Welfare State: Finland. In Riches, Graham & Silvasti, Tiina (ed.) First World Hunger Revisited. Food Charity or Right to Food? Basingstoke: PalgraveMacMillan.

Silvasti, Tiina (2014) Participatory Alternatives for Charity Food Delivery? Finnish Development in an International Comparison. In Aila-Leena Matthies & Lars Uggerhöj (ed.) Participation, marginalization and welfare services – concepts, politics and practices across European countries. London, Ashgate, p. 263-285.