Toivanen Juhana, Academy Research Fellow / Akatemiatutkija

Toivanen Juhana, Academy Research Fellow / Akatemiatutkija
Opinkivi 318.1

My main field of interest is medieval philosophy, especially philosophical psychology and political philosophy. I have studied medieval views on psychological processes that are common to human beings and other animals—perception, imagination, memory and the like—and I am a specialist in the philosophy of a medieval philosopher and theologian, Peter Olivi (ca. 1248-98). In addition, I have published on medieval theories of self-awareness and on the embodied mind in medieval psychology.

My current research pertains to psychological, metaphysical, and ethical dimensions of the concept of ‘political animal’ in medieval and renaissance philosophy. I study pre-modern political philosophy, and focus especially on commentaries on Aristotle's Politics written between 1250 and 1600. The aim is to chart the philosophical transformations that brought about a new way of understanding the political and social nature of human beings. This research forms the core of my project Transforming the Political Animal (Academy of Finland, 2018-22), the results of which will be published as a monograph with the same title.