Degree Programmes

There are two Master's Degree programmes in English at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. All of the Bachelor's Degrees are delivered in Finnish only.

Master's Degree programmes in English

Two degree programmes are available in English:

Bachelor Degree programmes in Finnish

In order to enroll as a degree student for these studies, you must be able to study in Finnish.

The degree structures of the disciplines are updated on the web pages of the department.

Degrees in Social Sciences (in Finnish):

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Master of Social Sciences

Major Subjects of the Master of Social Sciences Degree (in Finnish):

  • Social and Public Policy
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science

Additional Master’s programmes available in Finnish:

  • Cultural Policy (major: philosophy, sociology, political science or social and public policy)
  • Civil Society Expertise (major: philosophy, social work, sosiology, political science or social and public policy, sport sosiology, education or adult education, ethnology or history)