Internship Guide

DEVS700, YFIM8001/YFIM8002

An internship is a good way to get useful hands-on experience with an employer in your professional field of interest and to create contacts for your future career. During the internship you will do work that matches your studies and promotes your development as a professional. Internship is target-oriented, guided and evaluated studying done in actual working environments. 

Contact persons for internships

  • Master's Degree Programme in D&IC
  • Master's Degree Programme in Cultural Policy
    • education coordinator Saija Kyllönen
      • helps you with the practicalities of the internship before and after your internship
      • pre-approval of internship (MCP)
      • will sign on behalf of the department the following forms:
        • the department's internship agreement
        • the Erasmus training agreement for students who have received the Erasmus+ grant
        • the statement from the department on credits to be awarded for the training for students who are going to apply for the JYU travel grant
        • certificates for Kela

Internship courses at the DSSP and requirements for the internship

  • DEVS700 International Internship (10 ECTS)
    • a compulsory internship course for the students of the MDP in D&IC
    • duration of an internship is from 2 to 6 months
    • internship is supervised by the employer
    • internship duties should fit with your educational objectives (see more in Moodle)
  • YFIM8001 Internship in Finland (15 ECTS) or YFIM8002 Internship Abroad (15 ECTS)
    • an optional internship course for the students of the MDP in Cultural Policy
    • the minimum duration of an internship is 2 months, and it is on a full-time basis
    • internship is supervised by the employer
    • internship duties should fit with your educational objectives

Internship as a part of the studies and course completion

Students can complete an internship as a part of their master’s degree studies. Note that only one internship may count for curricular credit per university degree.

The internship must be approved by the department's contact person for internship before applying for the internship position. Before the internship begins, students are required to complete an Internship Agreement which is to be signed by the student, the employer and the home department. Students can get an internship agreement form from education coordinator Saija Kyllönen.

ECTS credits can be earned after successfully reporting the internship. The credits will be registered with the code DEVS700, YFIM8001 or YFIM8002 after the assessment of the report. Instructions for reporting are:

  • for DEVS700 (MDP in D&IC) in Moodle
  • for YFIM8001/YFIM8002 (MDP in Cultural Policy) in YFIHAHA's Koppa portal

The student's guide: Practicalities at the DSSP regarding internship courses in 2019

Read what to do before and what to do after your internship period:

Finding an internship position

Students have to acquire their internship position themselves. The internship may be conducted in a traditional job format (paid or volunteer) in an organization featuring clear development and international cooperation / cultural policy contexts. If the internship can be seen to support the student’s professional orientation and to provide a chance for the student to apply the knowledge acquired through the student’s major and/or minor studies in practical work tasks, the student can be granted financial support.

  • Positions available can be found e.g. at TEP/Jobs
    • TEP/Jobs is a recruitment service, where employers advertise open job positions, internship opportunities, and thesis topics (note: most of the listed job advertisements are written in Finnish and/or positions require Finnish language skills!)

  • Finding an internship (JYU's Career Services)

Funding for internship

Internship in Finland

Internship abroad