The student's guide

Practicalities at the DSSP regarding the internship course

Find out the criteria for an internship to be included in your studies

Registration in Korppi

  • Register to the YFIHAHA 2019 course
  • Students of the MDP in D&IC register also to the DEVS700 course
  • Students of Cultural Policy will be added to the YFIM8001/YFIM8002 course after the internship report assessment by the examiner

Plan your internship and find out how to fund your internship

An internship can be paid or unpaid. Find out what kind of financial support is available for an internship: the funding options for an internship. Check the application dates, conditions and other policies well in advance and follow the instructions when applying is actual to you.

Find suitable internship placements for your plans

Students have to acquire their internship position independently. An internship may be conducted in a traditional job format (paid or volunteer) in an organization featuring clear development and international cooperation / cultural policy contexts.

Make sure that an internship fits in your studies, i.e. get an approval before applying for it

Once you have found a suitable internship position, get an approval (i.e. check its suitability as an internship, see the requirements set for an internship) by asking the department's contact person for internship before you apply for an intership. If you want your internship to be included in your studies, you must agree on the internship before applying for it. Should you have not agreed on an internship with the contact person in advance, credits may not be awarded. In your email, please provide the following information about the internship you are going to apply for:

  • organization and country    
  • tasks    
  • the time period and duration of the internship    
  • link to the internship ad    
  • Why would you like to do this internship?    
  • Why do you think it is beneficial in relation to your degree/specialization/major subject?

Apply for internship(s)

Apply for internship(s).

Fill out and sign the department's internship agreement and sign a contract of employment

When your internship is confirmed, take care of filling out and signing the department's internship agreement that will be signed between the department (DSSP), employer and student before the internship period begins or not later than at the very beginning of the internship period. This agreement is a commitment of these three parties to arrangement. The department's internship agreement (Finnish or English) can be requested from the education coordinator responsible for internship matters. There must always be an appropriate, signed internship agreement.

  • The internship agreement defines, among others, your tasks, duration of the internship period, and funding (department's financial support/grant, salary paid by the employer). By signing the internship agreement, you agree upon completion of internship and reporting it before you graduate.    
  • Note: In the case of Erasmus+ grant, we use the the Erasmus program's own agreement form.    
  • Also make sure that you sign a contract of employment with your employer according to the legislation of the host country. The intern is during their internship hired by the internship organization.

Do your internship

Do your internship. If there are any problems or questions during the internship, contact the education coordinator responsible for internship matters.

A student must be registered for attendance throughout the internship period and afterwards in order to receive the credits, so be sure to register at the University of Jyväskylä if you are doing your internship, for example, during the summer months.

Report on the internship

After the internship period, report on your internship according to the department's reporting guidelines.

  • for DEVS700 (MDP in D&IC) in Moodle
  • for YFIM8001/YFIM8002 (MDP in Cultural Policy) in YFIHAHA's Koppa portal

General instructions for outgoing interns