Submitting Master's thesis for assessment

Master's Thesis Guidelines

Steps to take:

  • Finish your thesis under supervision of your professor
  • Contact to your supervisor and check your thesis with the plagiarism system Turn it in
  • Submit your thesis (in one pdf-file, only) and the submitting form to the education coordinator in charge of master’s theses i.e. ainoriitta.pollanen@jyu.fi 
  • Wait for the statement and (NOTE!) reply asap before the assessment of the thesis
  • Submit the approved thesis to the library
  • Apply for a master's degree (if all other studies are completed, i.e. remember to do the maturity test)

 Lay-out tips:

All theses must go through plagiarism detection

All the master's theses have to be put through Turn it in -plagiarism detection system. This means that the theses will go through the process before submitting for assessment to the education coordinator Ainoriitta Pöllänen. Please, familiarize yourself with the instructions below and contact your supervisor on time, not in the last minute. Do add the Turn it in detection date and the person who has done it to your submitting form by hand.

Plagiarism detection: Turn it in

The University of Jyväskylä has a new plagiarism detection system, Turn it in. Turn it in-system -instructions for students and staff in English. 

Please read more about the ethical guidelines for studying and the processing of academic fraud at the University of Jyväskylä  (NOTE! the new version of this info was dated here in April 2019)

For more information about the implementation, training and support or contact directly plagi-support@jyu.fi 

NOTE! plagi-support@jyu.fi 

NOTE! University will began to use Turn it in -plagiarism detection system in early 2019, the Urkund-system is no longer valid. 

Thesis will be submitted to the education coordinator

Master's thesis should be submitted for assessment to:

Ainoriitta Pöllänen
e-mail: ainoriitta.pollanen@jyu.fi
tel: 040-8054135
address: Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, P.O.Box 35 (Opinkivi, Keskussairaalantie 2, OPK 107), 40014 University of Jyväskylä.

NOTE! Remember to fill in and submit a master's thesis submitting form, also. Do not forget to sign it! You can either scan the form and send it to the education coordinator via email as email attachment or send it to educational coordinator via snail mail to address mentioned above. 

Students should submit their Master’s thesis for assessment in PDF-format (as an e-mail attachment) to email address mentioned above. The paper versions (prints) are not needed anymore.  The original thesis will be stored at the department in electronic format. NOTE! Every student must still submit her/his thesis to library's archive after thesis is graded b the head of the department. This have to be done, before the degree can be applied. More information about publishing thesis online

Please do NOTE that no changes can be made afterwards to this final version you have submitted to the official assessment unless the process is interrupt.

Evaluation takes approximately one month

The education coordinator delivers the Master’s thesis (in pdf-form) to the examiners after the department’s Master’s thesis submitting days. The head of MPD will decide the examiners. The supervisor of the thesis will be one of the examiners. The other one is a staff member of the department. The Master’s thesis is approved at the same day by the head of the department when the meeting of the Faculty Council is held.


 The submitting days in 2019 are the following:

 Submitting date  Grading date
 1. Monday, 14th of January 2019  Wednesday, 20th of February 2019
 2. Monday, 11th of February 2019  Wednesday, 20th of March 2019
 3. Monday, 18th of March 2019 Wednesday 24th of April 2019
 4. Monday, 15th of April 2019 Wednesday 22nd of May 2019 
 5. Monday, 29th of April 2019 Wednesday 12th of June, or even 22nd of May 2019
 6. Monday, 13th of May 2019 Wednesday 12th of June 2019
 7. Monday 19th of August 2019 Wednesday 25th of September 2019
 8. Monday, 16th of September 2019  Wednesday 23rd of October 2019
 9. Monday 14th of October 2019  Wednesday 20th of November 2019
10. Monday 11th of November 2019 Wednesday 11th of December 201911
11. Friday 13th of December 2019 January / 2020 


Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä were approved at the University Board meeting of 16 March 2015. According to the section 50, the author of the thesis shall have an opportunity to respond to the examiners’ statements of evaluation before the final grade is given. The student is sent a written decision on the thesis assessment. 

Thesis submitted no later than 11th of February 2019 will be assessed by the head of the department at 20th of Marsh 2019, for example. The education coordinator will ask students opinion about the examiner's written evaluation statement by email right before the head of the department will assess the thesis. The head of department grades master’s theses on the basis of the statements of the examiners. NOTE! Every student must check out her/his email account during the process and reply asap about her/his opinion about the statement.

The examiners’ statement is sent to the student by e-mail and the student has 14 days to respond to the examiners’ statement of evaluation. NOTE! The grading date may come sooner than in two weeks time, and because of that,  student needs to give her/his formal reply to the evaluation statement as soon as possible, if s/he wants to have her/his thesis approved on next possible grading date. The education coordinator will inform about the exact dead-lines for the student's reply. 

The student have three options how to react to the examiners' evaluation statement.

1. If the student do not wish to respond, s/he should reply to the education coordinator, that s/he is satisfied with the evaluation statement and the grade and thesis can be approved and evaluated by the head of the department on the next possible graduating date. After that the education coordinator will register the thesis' study points and the student may apply her/his degree certification, if all the studies needed are in the transcript of records. NOTE! The maturity exam is obligatory to all the students.


2. If the student do wish to respond, s/he may reply, that s/he is not satisfied and will make an official written respond within 14 days. The education coordinator will inform the student about the formalities.
NOTE! If the student want to respond, this means, that her/his master's thesis will not be approved and evaluated on the next possible grading date. This means, that thesis cannot be registered on that day, also.


3. If the student wants to interrupt the assessment process and rewrite the thesis, s/he needs to inform the education coordinator, also. The thesis author has the right to interrupt the thesis assessment process before the decision on the final grade is taken. The student may interrupt the thesis assessment process once. After that the student may submit the thesis for re-examination, provided that the student has rewritten the thesis at least partly. This is evaluated by the thesis supervisor.