Submitting Master's thesis for assessment

Master's Thesis Guidelines

Steps to take:

  • Finish your thesis under supervision of your professor
  • Contact to your supervisor and check your thesis with the plagiarism system Urkund
  • Submit your thesis (in one pdf-file, only) and the submitting form to the education coordinator in charge of master’s theses
  • Wait for the statement and reply asap before the assessment of the thesis
  • Submit the approved thesis to the library
  • Apply for a master's degree (if all other studies are completed, i.e. remember to do the maturity test)


All theses must go through plagiarism detection

All the master's theses have to be put through Urkund plagiarism detection system. This means that the theses will go through the process before submitting for assessment. Please, familiarize yourself with the instructions below and contact your supervisor on time, not in the last minute. Do add the Urkund detection date and the person who has done it to your submitting form by hand.

Plagiarism detection: Urkund

The University of Jyväskylä has a plagiarism detection system, Urkund. Please read more about the instructions for a staff and students and code of conduct for preventing and dealing with academic fraud and plagiarism

For more information about the implementation, training and support, contact directly plagi-support@jyu.fi 

NOTE! Urkund-Helpdesk (at ) am to 6 pm): by email: support@urkund.fi, tel: 09 315 84 607

Thesis will be submitted to the education coordinator

Master's thesis should be submitted for assessment to:

Ainoriitta Pöllänen

e-mail: ainoriitta.pollanen@jyu.fi

tel: 040-8054135

address: Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, P.O.Box 35 (Opinkivi, Keskussairaalantie 2, OPK 107), 40014 University of Jyväskylä.

Students should submit their Master’s thesis for assessment in PDF-format (as an e-mail attachment). The paper versions (prints) are not needed anymore.  The original thesis will be stored at the department in electronic format. NOTE! Every student must still submit her/his thesis to library's archive after thesis is graded b the head of the department. This have to be done, before the degree can be applied.

Please do note that no changes can be made afterwards to this final version you have submitted to the official assessment.

Fill in the thesis submitting form

When submitting the thesis student should fill in and sign a Master's Thesis Submitting Form. Do not forget to sign it.

Evaluation takes approximately 1 month

The education coordinator delivers the Master’s thesis (in pdf-form) to the examiners after the department’s Master’s thesis submitting days. The Master’s thesis is approved at the same day by the head of the department when the meeting of the Faculty Council is held. The submitting days in 2017 are the following:

11th of January 2017 

and these thesis are being assessed by the head of the department at 24th of January 2018.