Master's Degree Programme in Cultural Policy - Examiners 2017-2018


Advanced Studies in Cultural Policy 100 op

Study Module Examiner Miikka Pyykkönen

Compulsory Studies 80 op

Thesis Studies 50 op
MCPS3001 Thesis Seminar 1 (5 op) Mikko Jakonen
MCPS3002 Thesis Seminar 2 (5 op) Mikko Jakonen
MCPS7005 Master's Thesis (40 op) supervisor
MCPS7010 Maturity Test (0 op) supervisor
Other Compulsory Studies 30 op
MCPS3011 Introduction to Cultural Policy (5 op) Miikka Pyykkönen
MCPS3012 Theory of Cultural Policy (5 op) Mikko Jakonen
MCPS3013 International Cultural Policy (5 op) Miikka Pyykkönen
MCPS3014 History of Nordic and European Cultural Policy (5 op) Tatiana Romashko
MCPS3015 Culture and Economy (5 op) Mikko Jakonen, Tatiana Romashko
MCPS250 Politics of Cultural Participation (5 op) Kaisu Kumpulainen

Optional Studies 20 op          

MCPS3101 Work, Entrepreneurship and Expertise (5 op) Mikko Jakonen, Miikka Pyykkönen
MCPS200 Media and Globalisation (5 op) Karina Horsti
MCPS3102 Globalisation, Transnationalism and Citizenship (5 op) Miikka Pyykkönen
MCPS155 Challenges of Authorship and Copyright (5 op) to be announced later
MCPS120 Geography of Cultural Policy (5 op) Miikka Pyykkönen
MCPS125 Cultural Sustainability (5 op) Miikka Pyykkönen
MCPS3103 General Studies in Cultural Policy (5 op) Tatiana Romashko