Laura Dirmaite, Lithuania

"I did my master degree in Jyväskylä in 2013-2015. The 2-year master’s course offered exciting study, research and internship experiences by meeting locally and internationally recognised researchers and professionals.

The nature of my Master´s degree program has allowed me to familiarize with social, cultural and public aspects of Nordic countries, involving a great deal of independent research, initiative and self-motivation skills.

In my second year I did my internship in the Lithuanian Embassy in the UK working as a personal assistant of the Lithuanian Culture Attaché for 3 months. This term in London helped me to gain a great practical experience working in a diplomatic field and making valuable contacts.

After my studies in Finland, I came back to my home city Vilnius, and joined the team of Rupert, which is a centre for Art and Education working with international and local artists, researchers and other cultural actors through residencies and interdisciplinary programs.

Next year I am moving to Canada, where I wish to continue my career working as a cultural manager, and deepening my knowledge in Art History, Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Mobility, as well as learning new languages.

I strongly recommend the program of Cultural Policy, which offers great academic opportunities, valuable work and life skills in a vibrant and multicultural environment."

Tuulia Väliheikki, Finland

"I work as a Senior Adviser at the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. My task are mainly related to Finnish-Russian cross-border cooperation as well as international cooperation in the Arctic, Barents and Baltic Sea regions. As many others, I entered the public administration as an intern. A two-month internship at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs turned into five years of working experience with international regional cooperation. I majored in Social and Public Policy at the University of Jyväskylä. I am in the opinion that together with my minors and language studies the Master Programme in Cultural Policy offered me a positively different background for working in international relations. Cultural Policy helped me become aware of the cultural setting international cooperation is built upon and the cultural factors behind different national viewpoints."