Student Experiences

Silja Pasila

"I completed my internship at Saari Residence, maintained by Kone Foundation. The foundation awards grants to promote academic research, culture and art. Additionally it maintains Saari Residence for artists and researchers. Kone Foundation pursues active arts and research policies, and it is constantly seeking and providing alternatives to the mainstream.

My main task during the internship was to organize RECEPTION – the first triennial of community art which the residence was arranging together with the Arts Promotion Centre Finland's Regional Office of Southwest Finland. My duties included e.g. co-ordination tasks, contacting artists, communications and providing content to the websites. In addition to the triennial, I assisted with different assignments concerning the residence itself. For instance I helped to organize screenings and exhibitions if the residency guests wanted to arrange some artistic outings.

The internship was really valuable and instructive experience. The most essential skills my internship taught me dealt with dynamics of working life, organizational skills and familiarization with the art field in practice."

Heidi Jäntti

"I did internship in Kepa for 4, 5 months. Kepa is the umbrella organisation for Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) who work with development cooperation or are otherwise interested in global affairs. I was working in ETVO programme that is sending volunteers from Finland to Latin America, Africa and Asia. Basically, my job was to assist ETVO coordinator in selecting and training new volunteers.  I also did marketing and communication tasks and conducted a report for ETVO programme. The internship was really useful for me and I got a chance to do a large variety of tasks."

Irina Poshtatskaya

"I spent 3 months in Strasbourg (France) working as an intern at the Council of Europe. Speaking more precise, I was a trainee at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights. My main reason to apply for this internship was to become a part of the organization that is ensuring and protecting human rights.

First week of my internship period I with a group of all trainees attended numerous lectures on various subjects aimed at giving a common understanding on the duties of the different department within the Council of Europe. Since my second week there I worked for the Russian division at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights. My tasks during the internship period included preparation of draft reports on Russian cases brought before the Court, and research on national legislation and practice of the Court. I dealt with applications lodged under different articles and concerned about various violations of human rights. Based on my specialization on cultural rights, I worked a lot on the complaints on the violation of copyrights and authorship.

It is important to mention that the Council of Europe provides a lot of opportunities on monthly basis to get in touch with recent political and social trends. To be more precise, I attended an autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in the middle of September, where mixed assessment of progress in human rights throughout Europe was discussed. Also I was a participant in two international events, organized by the CoE: Conference on Freedom of Expression and World Forum for Democracy.

In addition to the events organized by the Council of Europe, several times I attended the sessions of the European Parliament occurred in Strasbourg during my internship period.

This internship helped me to find out for myself what democracy and citizenship mean, taught me to care about freedom and justice, and to respect other people and the things which make us different."