Guberna and Student Activities

Guberna is the student organisation of cultural policy students at the University of Jyväskylä. Guberna welcomes also international students on board!

Guberna arranges extracurricular activities, such as study trips and get-togethers. A representative of Guberna is also present at the staff meetings of the Unit of Cultural Policy. This way through Guberna, students can influence those matters regarding the Master's Programme which are most central to them, such as the organisation and content of the studies.

Guberna at the Ministry of Education and Culture

It is advisable to join Guberna’s mailing list, which is also used by the department for informing students of studies and other current matters: guberna@lists.jyu.fi

Guberna is also on Facebook.

Guberna’s homepage (in Finnish) can be found at: http://guberna.wordpress.com/