Application Information

About Applying for the Master's Degree Programme in Cultural Policy

Bachelor's Degree required

The Master’s Degree Programme in Cultural Policy is intended for students who have acquired a bachelor’s degree in an accredited university or college. Preference will be given to students with a major in social sciences, e.g. Political Science, Sociology, Social and Public Policy, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Administration Studies, Law or Media Studies.

Eligible applicants may also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree. Those holding a BA are qualified if they have previous studies in social sciences (preferably intermediate-level studies). Autumn picture

If you graduate after the application deadline
but not later than 29 July 2016, you may apply for the programme. In this case you are required to add to your application documents an official letter from your institution of higher education stating the date of your forthcoming graduation. If your application is successful, you will be granted a conditional admission to the programme, pending your graduation. After your graduation, you should deliver certified copies of your bachelor degree certificate (in the original language and in English or Finnish) to the Faculty of Social Sciences by 29 July 2016 at the latest.

If you already have completed your studies and graduated, but you will not receive your degree certificate by the application deadline, you may apply for the programme. In this case you are required to add to your application documents a temporary degree certificate.


The intake is 15 students for studies commencing in September 2016.

Language test

Please remember to take a language test well in advance! All language test results must reach University Admissions Finland by the application deadline (22 January 2016). It may take several weeks before the test results are published. Thus we recommend that you book your test well in advance. For further information on the language tests and test results, please see: Admission Criteria and University Admissions Finland.

Application process

The application process is administered by University Admissions Finland (UAF). Applicants send their applications and all the required attachments to UAF. After UAF has processed the application documents, the documents are forwarded to the Unit of Cultural Policy for academic assessment. The academic staff of the Programme assess the quality and competitiveness of the applications. On the basis of this process, eligible applicants are invited for an interview. The interviews will be held in March 2016. Applicants not residing in Finland will be interviewed over Skype. All applicants will be notified of the decisions on applications via email and mail.

Information on the application process