International Conferences and Summer Schools

International Conferences


Lecture ICCPR ConferencePreparing for the conference


  • 2008
  • Nordic Research Colloquium "Cultural Policy Research: Conceptual, Spatial and Temporal Approaches". 6th-8th November 2008. Jyväskylä.

Summer Schools


Studying in summertimeSummerschool


  • 2001
    The International Congress of Hungarian Studies: Power and Culture
    6th-10th Aug 2001
    Organized by Hungarian Studies unit of the University of Jyväskylä: 5th International Congress of Hungarian Studies. More information: http://www.jyu.fi/hungkong/
  • 2000
    Summer School on Cultural Policies: New Technologies, Arts and Politics 24th-27th Aug 2000
    Teachers: Professor Jim McGuigan (Loughborough University, UK), Professor Jon Hendrics (Oregon State University, USA) and Professor Michael Volkerling (Victoria University, New Zealand).
  • 1999
    Summer School on Politics as Art: Politics, Arts And Narratives
    26th-29th Aug 1999
    Teachers: Professor Michael Shapiro (University of Hawaii) and Doctor Maureen Whitebrook (University of Sheffield, UK).
  • 1998
    Summer school on Comparative Cultural Policy/-ies Studies
    26th-30th Aug 1998
    Teachers: Professor Marit Bakke (University of Bergen, Norway), Researcher Nobuko Kawashima (University of Warwick, UK) and Professor Kevin Mulcahy (Louisiana State University, USA).
  • 1995
    Summer School on Cultural Management
    12th-22nd June 1995
    Teachers: Professor John Pick (London City University, UK), Professor Gerhard Schulze (Bamberg University, Germany), Director Ugo Bacchella (Fitzcarraldo, Torino, Italy), Researcher Georg Arnestad (Western Norway Research Center, Norway) and Professor Lars-Henrik Schmidt (Aarhus University, Denmark).