Women's Finland

Aims and Contents

This basic/subject level course on women in Finland is taught by different researchers and lecturers from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts. Both Finnish and international students are welcome to join the course, which gives an overall view on women in Finland both from the point of view of theory and practice.

Lectures cover subjects from body rights to family policies and politics to women in literature. Interesting and thought provoking subjects are guaranteed!

Students are expected to attend lectures on Wednesdays and workshops on Thursdays. Each lecturer will provide some reading material which will be discussed in the workshop. You are welcome to discover differences and similarities with students from various cultures and backgrounds!

Mode of Study: lectures, workshop, reading material 

Timing: January-February 2016 (an estimate, see Korppi for updated details on courses)

Feedback from previous years: 

”It was really good to talk with students from all over the world and listen what kind of things are actually going on in their own counties, their first-hand experiences. It was very concrete and practical.” 

“Workshop was interesting and fun because we could talk about issues together, exchanging opinions, figuring out similarities and differences. “ 

“The best part was the possibility to compare issues - how they are in Finland and in various countries - how they are very different (as well finding that maybe they aren’t that different)”.