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The annual Social Policy conference is held 26.-27.10. 2017 at the University of Jyväskylä. This marks the 40th anniversary of the conference. The theme of this years event is "New risks, Old assurances". 

The two major themes that will be discussed during the conference are:

  1.  The risks arising from changing labour markets and working lifes and
  2. Eco-social risks

Due to these risks, a new need arises to consider the future of both work and work policy. These considerations also reflect on the future of the social policy structure, that is currently based on ones labour market-position. Besides this, also the combining of care and work is brought into deliberation. The time has come to outline a new eco-social social policy and define what kind of labour markets and work this would require.

The main speakers of the event are esteemed working life researcher and professor Jill Rubery (University of Manchester) and esteemed climate change and sustainable social policy researcher and emeritus professor Ian Gough (University of Bath).


  • DL for working group suggestions 15.6.2017
  • Registration starts 14.8.2017
  • The chosen work-groups will be posted in June.
  • DL for working group papers 22.9.2017
  • Social Policy conference 26-27.10


Welcome to the 40th Social Policy Conference!


The call for work-groups is now open!

You can propose a work-group from any field in social policy. We especially hope to receive suggestions regarding the theme of the conference "New risks, Old assurances", but we also welcome proposals related to other current themes in social policy. 

The proposal should be 250-300 words and the theme and the chairpersons should be stated. Remember to mention your contact information as well (organization and e-mail address.) The language of the proposal can be Finnish, Swedish or English. 

The proposal should be send by 15.6.2017 to sospol2017@jyu.fi

More information:

Ilona Bontenbal


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