Satka - Making Social Citizenship

Nimeke: Making Social Citizenship: Conceptual Practices from the Finnish Poor Law to Professional Social Work

Tekijä: Mirja Satka

ISBN: 978-951-39-4234-2

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 1995



Mirja Satka's study provides an adept and original analysis of developing conceptual practices in the social welfare field. She writes a different history of ideas in the context of the state formation of a small country.
Satka analyzes the conceptual innovations of the discursive pioneers in the social relations of class and gender and interprets them as organizing practices in the developing relations of ruling. The study provides a socially extended understanding of both the roles and discourses of poor relief and social work.

This is an impressive, important, and original piece of work. It contributes to a growing body of studies of 'the relations of ruling' and of the significance of texts and concepts in the social organization of professional work, particularly social work. In general this approach avoids the traditional split between theory and practice, ideas and action ... Treatment of texts and textuality as features of organization transforms the traditional history of ideas.
- Dorothy E. Smith, Professor of Sociology, University ofToronto

Substantively, author's ability to construct and deconstruct historical data and to link social welfare development to the emergent of the modern state, supported by detailed argument and supporting data, is exceptional.
- Stephen M. Rose, Director of School of Social Work, University of New England