Lindroos - Now-time/Image-space

Nimeke: Now-time/Image-space: Temporalization of Politics in Walter Benjamin's Philosophy of History and Art

Tekijä: Kia Lindroos

ISBN: 951-39-0341-9

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 1998



Kia Lindroos’s study is a philosophical reconstruction of Walter Benjamin’s thinking, and it elaborates a cairologic perspective on political and aesthetic time. As Benjamin’s thinking has become actualised, especially in the 20th fin de siecle, the book presents a detailed view of his thinking.

Kia Lindroos constructs an alternative interpretation on history, time, politics and art, approached through the moment of the Now (Jetztzeit). In the first section, she elaborates the critique of chronologic-linear way of understanding history. Through a close reading of Benjamin’s “Work of Art” essay, the second section examines the problems of origins, authenticity and traditions of art through the ideas of artistic avant-garde and politicization of aesthetics. The end of the book discusses the concept of image and the new images as an Image-space (Bildraum) of action. The historical examples of the interwar political and artistic scenes, as well as the analysis of Chris Marker’s short film “La Jetée”, illustrate the ideas developed throughout the book, and show the images of time by opening the individual experience towards more collective temporal experiences, such as death, dreaming and memory.

“Kia Lindroos has been able to dig out of Benjamin’s rather neological and hermetic terms new insights, and to show the stimulating originality of this thinker, often misunderstood and misused as he and his work are.”
Professor Wolf-Dieter Narr, Freie Universität Berlin