Konttinen et al. - All Shades of Green

Nimeke: All Shades of Green: The Environmentalization of Finnish Society

Tekijät: Esa Konttinen, Tapio Litmanen, Matti Nieminen & Marja Ylönen

ISBN: 951-39-0425-3

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 1999



The spreading and institutionalization of environmentalism and the overall greening of society are processes that take place in different ways spatially, chronologically and in different areas of society. In some areas of social life environmental viewpoints have become a crucial part of planning and decision-making, whereas in others they still have no substantial and practical relevance.

It is not easy to draw a line between environmentalists and non-environmentalists any longer. With the greening of modern society, environmental controversies have become more complicated and often more subtle than at the time when environmentalism was easily identifiable as a feature of only a few active groups and organizations.

This anthology of individual case studies raises the question: To what extent has the process of environmentalization penetrated Finnish society? The articles indicate that despite the overall greening, the profound success of the green project in Finnish society is still an open question. The green world view that appears to be a collectively accepted ideology clashes in practice with other world views, values and interests. One could say that environmentalism is in a crosscurrent.