Karvinen, Pösö & Satka - Reconstructing Social Work Research

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Nimeke: Reconstructing Social Work Research: Finnish Methodological Adaptations

Toimittanut: Synnöve Karvinen, Tarja Pösö & Mirja Satka

ISBN: 951-39-0449-0

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 1999



The 1990s has been a decade in which Finnish social work research has blossomed. The research has been searching for its identity in the "age of uncertainty", and has constructed the conditions for its development. It has not settled for merely observing occurrences, rather it has begun to de- and reconstruct its own subjects of research. It possesses characteristically strong aspirations, which aim at locating the specificity of the professional, interactive, as well as social and ethical aspects of social work.

This book offers a representative sample of social work research in Finland, which is specifically aimed at an international audience. The book illustrates the development and application of the research methodological solutions and innovations of ten social work researchers. In addition, it includes a chapter analysing the methodological tensions in current research.