Julkunen & Nätti - Modernization of Working Times

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Nimeke: Modernization of Working Times: Flexibility and Work Sharing in Finland

Tekijät: Raija Julkunen & Jouko Nätti

ISBN: 951-39-0548-9

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 1999



The main lines of the modernization of working times are identical throughout Europe. Patterns of working times are becoming differentiated and individualised, and the institutional frame is becoming more flexible and local.

Different countries have their own working time profiles, and in spite of European economic and political integration, there is quite a large degree of variation between the working times in different countries. Finnish characteristics include, for example, a low level of popularity of part time work and the smallest difference between the hours of men and women in the EU.

Finland endured a deep economic and social crisis in the 1990s. The Modernization of Working Times delves into the role of the crisis in the modernization of working times. How did flexibility and local bargaining make a breakthrough in Finland? What happened to the idea of work sharing? What sort of new innovations took place? What was the role of the government in promoting societal aims?

The book is completed with a discussion about the new risks and possibilities of working time modernization, and vision of working times for the next millennium.