Malinen - Towards the Essence of Adult Experiantial Learning

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Nimeke: Towards the Essence of Adult Experiantial Learning: A Reading of the Theories of Knowles, Kolb, Mezirow, Revans and Schön

Tekijä: Anita Malinen

ISBN: 951-39-0661-2

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 2000



This book focuses on seeking to locate the essence of a central phenomenon in the area of adult education - adult experiential learning. As a somewhat new educational orthodoxy, adult experiential learning has tended to attract scholars and practitioners in the field of adult education, especially educators, across a broad diversity of contexts.

This study attempts to address the prevailing conceptual confusion surrounding adult experiential learning and, at the same time, develop an alternative conceptualization of it on the basis of the theories put forward by Malcolm Knowles, David Kolb, Jack Mezirow, Reginald Revans and Donald Schön.

Anita Malinen’s aim is not to close the debate on adult experiential learning. Rather it is hoped that this conceptualization will serve to keep open the dialogue between theory and practice.

”Malinen has produced a closely argued, philosophically sophisticated study that shows a thorough grasp of a relevant literature in adult learning and education, philosophy and research methodology. Her application of a Kantian perspective to the understanding of experiential learning is a creative piece of intellectual work that intrigued and provoked this reviewer. I learned much from this study and was prompted to rethink some of my own ideas in this area... Interesting, well written, well conducted, and well researched conceptual analysis.”
Distinguished Professor Stephen Brookfield, University of St. Thomas