Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought. 2001, Vol. 5

Nimeke: Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought. 2001, Vol. 5

ISBN: 951-39-0925-5

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 2001



TOPIC 1: REPUBLICANISM Patricia Springborg Classical Translation and Political Surrogacy: English Renaissance Classical Translations and Imitations as Politically Coded Texts | Markku Peltonen ”The Miller of Huntingdon”: Francis Bacon: Statesman and Philosopher | Ari Helo Is There a Moral Point to Republicanism?

TOPIC 2: POLITICS Michael Th. Greven Dimensions of Politics, A Critique of the Common One-dimensional Concept of Politics | Kari Palonen Transforming a Common European Concept into Finnish: Conceptual Changes in the Understanding of ”Politiikka” | James Connelly Politicisation and Political Participation: Beoynd Apathy

BOOK REVIEWS Alexis Keller Rousseau and the republican tradition | Pasi Ihalainen Anti-teleological History of Concepts Taken to the Extreme | Bo Stråth Representation, Nation and Time

OTHER ARTICLES Michael Shapiro Codes and Violence: A Politics of ”Word Abundance”