Ahponen & Kangas - Construction of Cultural Policy

Nimeke: Construction of Cultural Policy

Toimittanut: Pirkkoliisa Ahponen & Anita Kangas

ISBN: 952-5478-97-1

Julkaisija: University of Jyväskylä

Julkaistu: 2004



The 20th-century’s idea of cultural policy focused on a comparatively narrow concept of culture, referring to practices principally pertaining to communication, meaningful exchange, and pleasure. State intervened in the arts and cultural field, subsidizing for various purposes including nationalistic, propagandistic, and redistributive, the art, artists, art institutions, art education, etc., and in general regulating the production and the circulation of symbolic forms.

This book considers many changes in cultural policy in the recent past. The domination of high culture norms is weakening, and the elite criteria in the definition of artistic excellence are not as visible as earlier. The emphasis of cultural policy is notably shifted toward cultural access and participation. Promotion of multiculturalism and cultural diversity as well as the greater recognition of local cultures and community values are significant aspects in defining the scope and objectives of cultural policy.