Faculty of Information Technology



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The Faculty of Information Technology plays a key role in developing one of the University’s core fields, human technology. One of the Faculty’s primary strengths is its ability to view IT broadly, integrating various perspectives and identifying the joint effects of different phenomena. This is combined with internationally recognised research in the strategic areas, as well as with active societal interaction.

Mission: The Faculty of Information Technology responds to the challenges in research and education brought by the development of information technology and digitalisation. The Faculty holistically integrates the perspectives of technology, information, organisations, business and people in its research and education as well as in its cooperation with interest groups.

Vision: With its internationally recognised and distinctive profile, the Faculty of Information Technology will be Finland’s most versatile unitary academic unit in the field of information technology.

Strategy of the Faculty


The Faculty is in close international and national cooperation with different research institutes, universities and companies.

Please see the Cooperation-page for lists of the faculty's partner institutions

The Faculty is situated in the Agora-building (Agora (Greek)=market, meeting place), where education, researchers, and private companies operate together.