Faculty of Information Technology

Master's Degrees

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International Master's Degree Programmes

The following Master's degree programmes are fully delivered in English. The annual application period is from November until January for studies starting in the following September. 

Apply 15.11.2017-10.1.2018 (TBC)

Around 10% of all our Master’s level students are international, which reflects the overall University level situation. However, as much as around 40% of Doctoral students and around 20% of all staff in the Faculty are of foreign origin creating a very international atmosphere in the Faculty.


Domestic Master's Degrees (Delivered in Finnish)

The following Master's level provision is delivered in Finnish language only; however, individual courses in the following themes may be available in English.

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (Themes)

  • Information Management (Tietohallinto)
  • Information System Development (Tietojärjestelmäkehitys)
  • Cyber Security (Kyberturvallisuus/ Informaatioturvallisuus)
  • Social Media (Sosiaalinen media)
  • Human Centered Technology/ Human Computer Interaction (Käyttäjä- ja ihmislähtöinen teknologia)

Department of Mathematical Information Technology (Named Programmes)

  • Educational Technology (Koulutusteknologia)
  • Software Engineering (Ohjelmistotekniikka)
  • Data Communication (Tietoliikenne)
  • Computational Science (Laskennalliset tieteet)
  • Principles of Programming Languages (Ohjelmointikielten periaatteet)
  • Games and Gamefulness (Pelit ja pelillisyys)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (Sensoriverkot)
  • Applied Mathematics (Sovellettu matematiikka)