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last modified Jun 25, 2015 05:25 PM

Staff of the IT Faculty

Invoicing Address

  • Electronic invoice address / EDI code: 003702458947
  • Operator code (OpusCapita Group Ltd): 003710948874

Please kindly notice that the University of Jyväskylä will receive only electronic versions of purchase invoices from 1 June 2015. The purpose of moving to electronic invoices is to streamline invoice processing and ensure the smoothness of payments. After moving to electronic invoices, paper invoices are no more processed and will be returned to the sender after the date mentioned above.


Description of Financial, Personnel and Travelling Duties


  • Financial affairs consist of e.g. following duties: Processing of invoices (Rondo), billing, follow-up of the finances and expenses, guidance in financial affairs, taking care of budjet funded projects.
  • Personnel affairs consist of e.g. following duties: Preparation of employment contracts, salary issues, vacation issues, leave of absences, resignations, follow-up of staff costs, honoriums, orientation for new employees, guidance in personnal affairs.
  • Travelling affairs consist of e.g. following duties: Taking care of the travelling plans and invoices, helping and guidance with travelling arrangements and issues, taking care of the conference fees, travelling cards of the VR, travel insurance issues.


Teams of the Administration services

The Faculty Office has three teams (tiimi), whose purpose is to pass on information between the team members and to develop the processes in their field. Teams are led by the head of faculty administration Sanna Hirvola and head of the faculty academic affairs Eija Hatanpää.

  • Talous-tiimi (itk-taha): financial, project and travelling affairs, itk-taha@korppi.jyu.fi
    Sanna Hirvola, Tapio Tammi, Johanna Nousiainen, Kirsi Ahonen, Lea Hakala, Jari Rahikainen, Tiina Lampinen
  • Henkilöstö-tiimi (itk-heha): personnel affairs, itk-heha@korppi.jyu.fi
    Sanna Hirvola, Tapio Tammi, Johanna Nousiainen, Jari Rahikainen, Onerva Kuitunen
  • Opintotiimi: study and degree affairs, opintotiimi.group@korppi.jyu.fi
    Eija Hatanpää, Tapio Tammi, Jaana Markkanen, Niina Ormshaw, Heini Nurminen, Katja Kuitunen, Seija Paananen, Outi Hynninen