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Licentiate thesis

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A licentiate degree may be completed as part of a degree programme leading to a doc-toral degree or, in a special case, as a separate programme. The Faculty of Information Technology doesn’t have a separate licentiate programme. A licentiate degree includes licentiate thesis and the coursework (40 ECTS) required for a doctoral degree.

Examination and grading of licentiate theses

At least two examiners are nominated for a licentiate thesis. The examiners must have completed a doctoral degree. The supervisor of the licentiate thesis may not act as the examiner of the thesis. Within two months of the date on which they received the assignment, licentiate thesis examiners shall, either jointly or separately, give a written and substantiated statement of evaluation, including a proposal for a grade.

Licentiate theses are evaluated in the faculty council based on the examiner statement(s). The author of the thesis has an opportunity to respond to the examiners’ statements of evaluation before the final grade is given. All theses are evaluated with scale fail – sufficient – satisfactory – good – very good – excellent. A student dissatisfied with the evaluation of a licentiate thesis may submit a rectification request to the Appeal Committee within 14 days from being informed of the decision.

Publication of a licentiate thesis

Licentiate theses are published Jyväskylä Licentiate Theses in Computing series. The author of the thesis delivers the final version of the thesis in pdf-format to the scientific editor (Marja-Leena Rantalainen or Timo Männikkö) within one month from acceptance of the thesis. It must follow the formatting guidelines for doctoral dissertations (see instructions for doctoral dissertation). After editor’s approval, the author submits the thesis for publication to the university library’s publishing unit ( http://kirjasto.jyu.fi).

Licentiate degree and certificate

Usually the official graduation date is the day, when the thesis is evaluated in the faculty council. Ensure that you have completed the required coursework before the evaluation and it is recorded in your transcript. The degree must be applied by submitting one of the following forms to the faculty office: