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Annual registration

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After being admitted to PhD studies, students are required to register each year as attending or as absent in the Korppi system http://korppi.jyu.fi by 31 July. Therefore, students must complete registration (absent) even if they plan not to engage in their studies in the new academic year.

When registering, students fill in a plan for their studies, summarising their work in the previous year, as well as their plans for the following year. This information is sent by the system directly to the student's supervisor. The registration information is confidential and will not be passed on to other parties. The only information saved in Korppi are the name of the thesis, a short description provided by the student, and the key words.

In case of any problems, please contact:

Sami Kollanus (sami.kollanus@jyu.fi), University teacher, coordinator

Registration first time in Korppi-system  

If you haven't done the annual PhD studen't registration in Korppi system before, use the follwing form in Korppi: https://korppi.jyu.fi/kotka/assignment/assignmentOriginalInfo.jsp?origid=1279&

You have done the registration in Korppi before

If you have already done the PhD student registration in Korppi before (e.g. last year) , please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Korppi system
  2. Select Studies and then Postgraduate studies
  3. Select the title of your dissertation and then fill the questionnairre

Student union fee

Postgraduate students may join the Student Union by paying the Student Union membership fee, if they wish. It is also possible to get a student card, but the postgraduate student card does not entitle the student to discounts in trains and buses. All postgraduate students living in Kortepohja Student Village are required to pay the Student Union membership fee.

More information about student union membership fee

Did you fail to register by July 31?

See instructions in https://opiskelu.jyu.fi/en/instructions/annual-registration-of-doctoral-students 

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