Research in the Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology at University of Jyväskylä is one of the largest university level IT research units in Finland (second when measured by PhD degrees in 2016). The main areas of research at the faculty are:

Computational Sciences: Tuomo Rossi (Raino Mäkinen, international co-operation Sergey Repin) 
Software and Telecommunication Technology: Timo Hämäläinen (Tapani Ristaniemi)
Information Systems: Mikko Siponen (Tuure Tuunanen)
Cognitive Science and Educational Technology: Tommi Kärkkäinen (Pertti Saariluoma)

The research of Cyber Security and Computational thinking and decision-making crosscut all areas presented above.

If you are interested in completing a PhD/doctoral degree in the Faculty of IT, please see the website Postgraduate (PhD) studies for further information.