Spectral Imaging Laboratory

Keywords:  spectral imaging, modelling, machine learning

Discipline: Computational Sciences

The scope behind the Spectral Imaging Laboratory is to execute hyperspectral imaging and analysis research combined with state-of-the-art methods in modelling, simulation and machine learning. A spectral image contains spatial and spectral information: we concentrate on resolving theoretical and practical issues concerning high dimensional imaging data.

The utilization of hyperspectral imaging is a strongly multidisciplinary field, with the need for expertise in spectral imaging and data analysis as well as knowledge on the subject of the research. Thus, we conduct several collaborating projects with hospitals, biologists, etc.

The laboratory currently has four spectral imagers for different wavelength areas (covering wavelength ranges from 400nm to 2500nm). These imagers can be easily mobilized as well.

The research staff of the laboratory consists of a group of experienced young researchers, who have strong motivation to promote hyperspectral imaging in different applications. The group has been working in several areas of hyperspectral imaging applications, ranging from crime scene investigation and art authentication to medical imaging and remote sensing.

The research environment is located in the 4th floor of the Agora building, in the Mattilanniemi campus of the university (Mattilanniemi 2).