Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes in the Faculty

International Master's Degree Programmes

The following Master's degree programmes are fully delivered in English and are available for both domestic and international applicants. 

IT with a twist. Our programme will give you the core skills in IS; furthermore, it will offer you cutting-edge themes in Information Security Management, Service Innovation (Cyber-physical & IoT) and Software Business.

The most powerful tool and major business model in IT is collective intelligence – the alliance between artificial intelligence and the imaginative human intellect. Here's your ticket to the future.

Domestic Bachelor's Degrees (Delivered in Finnish)

Undergraduate level education in the Faculty is not available in English. We offer the following Bachelor's Degrees in Finnish only:

 In order to be able to study at an undergraduate level, an applicant must be fluent in Finnish.

Domestic Master's Degrees (Delivered in Finnish)

The following Master's level provision in the Faculty of Information Technology is delivered in Finnish language only; however, individual courses in the following themes are available in English.