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The 2012 application round was the last intake to the MSc in Mobile Technology and Business; the new international Master's programmes delivered by the Faculty are: MSc Service Innovation and Management and MSc Web Intelligence and Service Engineering

Award: MSc or MSc (Economics and Business Administration)
Credits: 120 ECTS
Full-time duration: 2 years
Language of instruction: English
Major subject: Information Systems or Information Technology
Annual student intake: 25 students; NO INTAKE AFTER 2012

Programme Aim

On completion of the programme, the graduates will have gained in-depth knowledge of mobile technology related business and the realities and possibilities of market forces in relation to technology; a sound understanding of mobile technologies; an appreciation of user-friendly and cognitive science based approach to technology; a foundation for academic doctoral level studies; and excellent communication skills due to the integrated language and communication studies.

Students will graduate from the programme with a Master of Science either in Economics and Business Administration or in Natural Sciences depending on their major subject and study profile.

The Faculty of Information Technology is a founding member of the Meego Excellence Cluster in Finland.

Career opportunities

  • The programme will provide the students with a good foundation for both working in businesses in the field of mobile technology and for academic postgraduate studies.
  • Typically, students graduating with an MSc in Natural Sciences will be employed in technical management roles, in demanding specialist roles or research and development positions.
  • The career opportunities of graduates of MSc in Economics and Business Administration lie in international management, consulting and marketing positions.


The programme is delivered as a joint effort of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and the Department of Mathematical Information Technology:

  • The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

At the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems students major in one of three subjects: Information Systems Science, Computer Science or Cognitive Science. Those students of the Motebu programme, who wish to focus on the Business side of the degree, will have Information Systems Science as their major. This major combines data processing and economic sciences.

The basis for the research in Information Systems Science is the relationship between information technology and the organisations using it; in other words, the development and use of information systems as a part of the activities of organisations.

  • The Department of Mathematical Information Technology

The major subject of the department is (Mathematical) Information Technology, which will be the major subject of Motebu students focusing on the field of technology. The main focus of research in this major is the efficient automation of information processing.

The points of focus in education and research concern central areas of Information Technology, such as designing new data processing applications and software, as well as designing and managing file transfer systems of information networks. Information Technology involves utilising numeric and mathematical methods and models that use efficient data processing, for example, in designing products, automating industrial processes, performing scientific modelling, and analysing large amounts of data.


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