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Applications for spring 2014, deadline September 30


COMAS is a doctoral program in computing and mathematical sciences offered by the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

The 24 departments participating in COMAS provide teaching and guidance to the students. COMAS is also advised and evaluated by Scientific Advisory Board, whose members are internationally acknowledged scholars.

COMAS is jointly organized by three departments of the University:


The departments have active international collaboration, and lectures by the visiting international scholars frequently complement the local instruction. COMAS also participates in the arrangements of the annual Jyväskylä Summer School, whose postgraduate-level lectures in various fields of science attract yearly more than 250 students from about 40 countries.


COMAS students mostly conduct their work in research projects in close collaboration with senior researchers. This provides the students with an active and supportive research environment, and assures that their work progresses in a purposive manner.


COMAS admits students to the Ph.D. programmes internationally usually twice a year. Application forms can be downloaded from How to apply page.

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