Responsibilities of Students

Each student is responsible for his/her studies and, through his/her own actions, promoting the learning of others as well.

Students' Responsibilities

It is the students’ duty to give feedback on the teaching they have been given. Students are required to strive to advance in their studies in accordance with the personal study plan jointly prepared with the HOPS supervisor.

Students should familiarise themselves with, and adhere to, the practical instructions and timetables related to their studies. Students are expected to appreciate and respect the teaching and research by the teachers; this implies that students will not cheat, use the work of their fellow students as their own, or in any other way commit plagiarism or other fraud.

Students are responsible for participating in those courses and examinations for which they has registered in advance. Cancellation of attendance must be done well in advance. Students are also required to check their transcript of records and ensure that his/her completed courses have been registered.

Students are required to ensure that their address details are always up-to-date on Korppi.