Degree Certificates

The certificate will include details of the degree, the extent of studies and the grading of the study modules, the language in which the student has completed the degree and the maturity test, as well as the student’s language skills. The certificate will show the total number of credits and all major and minor study modules that are a minimum 20 credits are marked separately on the degree certificate.

Transcript of Records

Along with the certificate, students receive a Transcript of Records, which includes a detailed description of the studies and courses completed. Students graduating from Master’s Programmes taught in English receive a degree certificate in English language.

Diploma Supplement

All students receive a Diploma Supplement as an appendix to the degree certificate. The Diploma Supplement provides the essential information about the degree, the educational institution, and the education system in the country where the certificate is given, for international recognition of the degree. There are international guidelines as to the content of the Diploma Supplement.