Supplementing Studies After Graduation

What after the Master’s Degree..? There are many ways to continue studying and lifelong learning. It is also possible to combine work and study. Our graduates can keep in contact with the university whatever the individual circumstances may be.

Complementary Studies

Students who have completed their degree, and who wish to pursue complementary studies, may complete such courses until the end of the following academic year without a separate or other degree right, in accordance with those rights that they had at the time when degree studies were completed. Simply e-mail opiskelijapalvelut@jyu.fi to activate your right to supplement your studies after graduation.

Doctoral Studies

Graduates interested in research can continue their studies after Master’s degree by studying for a Licentiate or Doctoral degree either in their own university or elsewhere. Completing a Doctoral degree takes about four years. The emphasis of the Doctoral degree is on research, i.e. on Doctoral Thesis or the Licentiate's Dissertation. In addition, students are required to complete a minimum of 60 ECTS course credits. They may include advanced level studies of the major subject and possible subject/ advanced studies of a chosen minor subject in support of the major subject content and the research work. It is possible to get funding from Graduate Schools and a number of foundations.

Further information on Postgraduate Study section and from Coordinator, Dr Sami Kollanus (sami.kollanus@jyu.fi, tel. +358 14 260 4633).

Continuing Education

The continuing education centres at universities arrange continuing education for different fields of study. The continuing education usually does not lead to a profession but provides additional professional competence. One can take part in the continuing education in one’s own field or some other field. The education is planned to make it convenient for working people. Centres charge a fee.