Flexible (JOO) Study Right at Other Universities

"JOO Studies" gives a study right to individual courses at other Finnish Universities.

Flexible Study Right for Studies at other Finnish Universities

According to the national JOO flexible study right (JOO= Joustava Opinto-Oikeus = flexible study right) agreement, all degree students can include studies from other Finnish universities in their degrees. It is possible to gain a JOO study right at another university after the suitability of the proposed studies to the student’s degree has been evaluated by the Head of Student and Academic Affairs.

Students can only get a JOO right to study at another university if equivalent courses are not offered at the University of Jyväskylä and they have valid academic reasons for the studies (e.g. more suitable geographical location is not a valid reason).

The purpose of JOO studies is to broaden the course selection, give a greater freedom of choice, and support the progress of students’ studies. For students, this flexible right to study offers a chance to include suitable studies from other universities in their degrees, and to take advantage of the additional expertise outside their home institution. The JOO studies at other universities are free of charge. There is no deadline for applications in the IT Faculty.

The application period for the individual courses or universities can be continuous, or takes place twice every year.